February 09, 2008

NAHBS 2008 Day One

I did my best to take as much in as possible. Today was industry day at the North American Handmade Bicycle Show, in Portland, Oregon. Wow, what a day. I'm beat. There are numerous frame builders with 650B'd bikes, both MTB formatt and the rando/touring/ townies!
For now here are just a few:

Vicious Cycles Mambo Sun in Titanium. The graphics on this frame are stellar, and very low key.

Kirk Pacenti has this at his booth:
Ventana purpose built FS 650B "El Bastardo" (Kirk had to leave the pedal's off because the temptation is too much, this hasn't been ridden yet!)

Kish Fabrication Ti:

Alexis Dold's Villin mtb SingleSpeed

I have loads more, so check back again very SOON!

Expect to see bikes from Yipsan, Coconino, SyCip, Pereira, Southwest, Waterford, and more!

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Anonymous said...

Please post all the fullsize pics to Flickr so we can drool over them.