February 20, 2008

CARVER: Your stock is rising...

Caver Bikes will be offering an aluminum version of their, currently, TI Killer Bee and Bumble Bee frames. News was broke on WWW.RIDEMONKEY.COM by moderator MMcG. Thanks Mark!

Davis Carver had this to say:
"Since we use an eccentric BB, we can rotate it to the lower positionto get the correct BB height. We're using the X Fusion Velvet set at the 120to 110 range to get a 70 degree head angle.300 mm BB height and a 42.5" wheelbase. Seems to handle well with thestandard rake. I may try it with a Fox, just to compare.We are coming out with adedicated, standard BB(not Eccentric) aluminum BumbleBee and KillerBee framethat will retail at around $350.00. About three months or so."

WOW thats an awesome price that will be NEAR unbeatable.
Carver, your stock is rising.
3 months, just in time for folks to get on Stan's ZTR 355B wheels. Ponderous.

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