February 01, 2008

can YOU handle something INTENSE?

Intense Tire Systems is SERIOUSLY looking to break into the 650B market. They are gauging interest via email. Check them out at http://www.intensetires.com/

This will be a serious step forward for the platform. I smell 650B VPP.
Intense, welcome to the club.


Anonymous said...

For the record, Intense Bikes and Intense Tires are two separate companies.

Be sure to contact Intense Tires at

And be sure to them know which tire you'd like to see in a 650B version.

Anonymous said...

“Intense Tire System is looking hard into the 650B market. However they are getting conflicting reports on what type of tread pattern and size this market is looking for. We really would like to see some suggestions on what 650B customers want keeping in mind our current 26” offerings. Go to http://www.intensetires.com/contact.htm and give us your suggestion”