October 31, 2007

White Bros Fork Info.

This was from correspondence with Tim Fry of Mountain Racing Products (the company that runs White Bros), relayed from Kirk Pacenti at www.bikelugs.com:

"Here are the forks that White Brothers can currently offer in the 650B
format along with some critical dimensions for frame design: 
All forks will have a measurement of 363mm (+/-2mm) from axle to underside
of brace. And all QR forks will have a 44mm offset and all 20mm forks will
have a 42mm offset.
  650B Magic 80 A/C 464mm - QR or 20mm
 650B Magic 100 A/C 484mm - QR or 20mm
 650B Fluid 100 A/C 484mm - QR or 20mm 
650B Fluid 130 A/C 517mm - 20mm axle only"

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