October 20, 2007

Its the weekend!!

So, that means I have time to scower the web for 650B/ 27.5" info.

Heres whats up:
Vassago's Rapscallion- a Full Suspension 650B dedicated frame! MORE TO COME!

Pacenti branded 650B Tires in the works: the Neo-Moto, a full-on 2.3" knobby; the Mini-Moto 650B x 40mm randonneuring/touring mini-knobby tire; and the Quasi-Moto, a 650B x 52mm semi-knob, hard pack/marathon tire.

Speaking of Kirk, he was kind enough to photograph a 650B next to a 26" for us:

He also bought a Surly 1X1 just to check the clearance for his NEO-MOTO's, oh boy, check it OUT!
I sure hope Surly has plenty of these in stock. I imagine there will be an influx of 1x1 sales!!
He doesn't need this frame and fork, so he's selling it. Post a reply here if you're interested in purchasing it, sorry I don't think the wheels are included.

Carver's KILLER B in Titanium


Anonymous said...
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Unknown said...

is surly 1x1 frame still for sale?