October 14, 2007

Welcome to 650B Palace!

Here at 650B Palace we are dedicating a small place in cyber space to bring YOU up to speed with the works of the new retro wheel size known as 650B.
650B has a bead seat diameter of 584mm, putting it smack dab in the middle of current 26" MTB and 29" (700c) configurations. Giving you the wonderful rolling advantages of the oversized 9r's but maintaining the 26" wheeled geometry we've all come to know 'n' love.

2007's Interbike Expo in Las Vegas, NV followed the NAHBs where Kirk Pacenti (www.bikelugs.com) unvailed his 650B Ti mountain bike. With special rolled Cane Creek rims his creation hit the web and many forums creating a monster buzz. Hell, it took 29" Wheeled mountain bikes 10 years to gain speed and acceptance in our bike culture, and theres no looking back now. Check out the 29" article at www.dirtragmag.com

2007 Interbike debuted many 27.5" bikes along with a 27.5" Exclusive company Rawland Cycles.. Owner, Sean Virnig, is very passionate to cycling and the newly returned wheel size. Vicious Cycles also had two 650B models on hand, both steel, one geared with Fox suspension, and on rigid single speed. Their 27.5" wheeled bike is even in their 2008 catalog.
Origin8 is another new kid on the block, backed by parent company/distributor J&B Importers was displaying their 650B Aluminum/Carbon MTB as well. It also featured White Bros. contribution to the movement, a 650B dedicated suspension fork. Which will be available in most of their suspension options.
SyCip Designs displayed a SS MTB, Velocity is currently the only manufacturer actively offering rims in the Blunt and Synergy models.
Pacenti Cycle Design is currently the only MTB tires maker with their Neo-Moto 2.3" rubber, though word on the street there will be another player in the 650B game, (still hush hush).
Carver Bikes is prototyping the Killer B, known for their 96'er- they're putting MATCHING wheels on the Killer B.
Haro's "Down Hill Jill" was testing a Xeon B, their 6" all mountain chassis fit the NEO-Moto without a problem, and only raised the BB .25" - Look for 3 offering from Haro on 2009 on the 650B front.

Rawland's Geared offering

Clearance On the Fox Forx 26"

Vicious Cycles "Mambo Sun"

Origin 8, featuring the White Bros fork.

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JS @ 650B Palace

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Anonymous said...

Is the tire going to clear the Fox crown when the fork is fully compressed?

Sycip has some nice shots on their web site of their 650b Interbike bike.