October 28, 2007

650B Fork Compatability!!!

Well, as of right now Kirk Pacenti has some 650B White Bros. Suspension forks. Some super nice stuff those fellas make. But pricey at the same time. Fork compatibility for 27.5" wheels is still up in the air, but I'm working on a list of forks that'll fit our new-retro size. I posted the Fox RL 32 with the 27.5" mounted from the Vicious camp (which I've seen hi-jacked and re-posted onto MTBR- without a photo credit. ) We've got a cheap Rock Shox J4 at work that I'll toss the B'r in and check too. QBP is blowing out those forks in case they work, your LBS could order it up for you if you want to go the inexpensive route.
I finally got my Neo-Motos hooked up and ridden with my X-Fusion Velvet R. WORKED GREAT! I kept the Velvet's travel set at the full 130mm without a problem. Here are a few images of the clearance.

The X-Fusion Velvet R is a convertible travel fork from 60mm to 130mm. The Velvet R has an external rebound adjust, which I haven't messed with yet. I did tune one of my 2 'Vr's. Pretty easy. They make a few versions of this fork, but none with a 20mm thru, yet. $399 Retail.
Have you LBS order them from X-Fusion, 408.866.0188


Anonymous said...

Has a list of compatible forks ever been published? I have a Fox Talas 36 that looks like there might be enough clearance.

Cracked Headtube said...

I haven't found a Fox fork that does not fit a 650B in the lowers. BUT at full compression, or with all air removed the tire will meet the crown. I have never put together a list of fitting forks on 650BPalace. I'll work on compiling that list with forks I have personally found to fit.

diykozmonot said...

FWIW the fox 36 model forks fit 650b. Their crown has the same clearance as the arch with no air/fully compressed.