October 15, 2007

Need some 650B rims?

Velo Orange has the ever elusive SUN CR-18 650B rims on sale!!! Marked down from $25 down to $18.50!!!
Check them out by clicking HERE


Schuman said...

These are considered mountainbike rims are they?

Cracked Headtube said...

I've had plenty of friends ride these rims as MTB rims in the standard 26" format. At 22.5mm wide they're a good choice for XC application, though many companies are opting for a little wider rim. I know that American Classic's MTB, both 26 and 29 are 22mm wide, and plenty strong!
Good question, thanks!

Anonymous said...

Y'all should aware that there were many reports of the Sun CR18s not being to spec for the 650B size. I think they were slightly oversized so it was a bear to get tires on the rim. A search on the bikelist.org 650B archive should pull up some reports. At a minimum, check with the Velo Orange dude when you order.

Anonymous said...

I have a set of wheels made with those rims and they're unusable because they're so big.

I'm willing to donate them to Kirk if he'd like to use them to test his tires.

All I need is a shipping address.

Cracked Headtube said...

TOO BIG?! WOW. What tires are you using? Good to know, I was about to order a set in a few days, just to see how they build up.