September 27, 2008

Interbike 2008.

Well for many it was a great show!
Sorry for the lack of pictures and words, but my laptop and other electronic equipment was stolen from my room at the Imperial Palace.
I'm pretty bummed about it.
I made it out to demo day, but due to insurance problems I was unable to saddle up.

Things happening:
(again sorry for the lack of enthusiasm)
IRD/Panaracer Fire XC Pro- enroute.
X-Fusion- plans on a 650B to goto prototyping
WTB- Wolverine 650B 2.2 Tire and a rim to match
Pronghorn- (who) A company with a full suspension design that will possibly use all wheel sizes in its line
American Classic- 2 wheelsets were on Vicious Mambo Suns, one SS one geared. I pair were also in the AC booth.
Haro has slated the Sonix VL120 650B for 2010.
Schwalbe's Racing Ralph was on hand, but no production tires, yet.
Kenda also had their 2.1 on display.
I should be getting some RRs and Nevegals soon.

I didn't see the Soma B-Side at the show, but a little bird dropped a note in my Inbox before the show needing some wheels for a production B-Side. More to come on that.

Rawland was at the show with some new products whoch they teased on their website a few days before the show.

Working the American Classic booth was super busy! There was a lot of interest in the 650B wheels, and we turn it on to some folks without any knowledge of the format. I had a load of folks looking for me to find out if their bike would be convertible and what not. All in all, less my robbery, it was a great show. I didn't get around to see the show as much as I would have liked, but, hey I was working.
Personally, I have some new projects on the horizon and I will be posting info as things manifest. Keep you head up.
...And when in Vegas keep your TV on and Do Not Disturb sign on your door when not in your room.

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MMcG said...

Oh man that sucks big time about your stuff getting stolen. I hope insurance covers the loss or the culprit is found and your stuff returned.

Keep us posted on those new projects of yours please.