September 21, 2008

IB08 is upon us!

Well, outdoor dream-o begins tomorrow, and I will remain answering phones at work. I head to Vegas Tuesday morning, as we skip ODD due to a injury a few years back.
BUT, here is what I am expecting to see for 650B at this years show:

Wilderness Trail Bikes- Rims, wheels, and the Wolverine tire in a 650B
Vicious Cycles- more steel hardtails with eye catching paint
Schwalbe- Racing Ralph has been confirmed, but consumers will not see them until Feb 09. :(
Kenda- We all know the Nevegal is in the works, supply on them is low, but they will be on ODD bikes.
Haro- The Beasley will be ridable!
Fuji- completes with some carbon flair.
X-Fusion- teasing us with a 650B "prototype" fork
Soma- The Bside will be an A-side.
GENERIC- Sweet Ti hardtails, Prototype FS frames

Sorry, cats, I let ya out a day early.

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Anonymous said...

Don't forget, Ventana and Maverick will have bikes at ODD too!