September 30, 2008

This week in 650B

I returned from Las Vegas to find 2 new MTB periodicals on my desk.
This month's Dirt Rag features a painted clunker rider on the cover and they're giving away a Mongoose Teocali ( not your little bother's gonMoose from Walmart). BUT, the 650B news starts on page 60 with the review of White Bros Fluid 130 inthe 650B specific platform.
If you haven't ridden a nice Oil dampened fork check out this article. White Bros remains the only suspension fork company to offer a true 650B fork. With their modular tooling and US a homebase, things just come easier with less hoops to jump through.

Second, Mountain Bike Action has their write-up on the Lynsky Ti Custom "Level 3" hardtail. The MBA build also incorporates a White Bros fork, this time a 100mm Magic.

Head to you local book store or news stand to pick up November's MBA and Dirt Rag #138.

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