February 23, 2009


Well, I have neglected the 650B Palace for nearly a month, ug, I'm sorry. I will be merging the 650BPalace with a 29" wheel specific site come March 1. HA, no just kidding. I have excuses for not posting, but would rather NOT bore you with the details.
Here's some news for you 650B fans :

Definitive Cycles of Austrailia is SERIOUS about 650B for off road use. Stu shot me an email months ago to introduce himself as the Pacenti Tire distributor to AU. This morning I got word to their next venture: The Defcon. A steel mtb frame with sliding dropouts specifically designed around the 650B platform. Single speeders and gearies alike rejoice. It is expected to be spec'ed with double butted cromo tubing and available in S,M or L. Definitive has received 2 samples and will set one as a SS and the other geared.

To keep up to the minute tabs on Definitive Cycles follow them at:


A US distributor is yet to be announced. (insert unhappy face here)

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