November 15, 2008


More 650b Tires have landed!
Schwalbe's Racing Ralph is now offered in a 650Bx 2.25.
Claimed weight it 555g, with a folding bead. These tire mounted up great! I will not be able to give a test ride until (possibly) Sunday.
Other News:
My own Quijano Bike Co custom 650B frame is all finished, painted and built. True Temper OX steed! The RRs are fitted to it currently and this will be my new 650B component tester. Unless, I get another frame....hmm. Perhaps.

I designed and built this frame, so I'm super stoked to get to the trails! The new tires showed up today and I wasn't even expecting them. Too bad I'm photographing a wedding tomorrow, otherwise I'd be attending the local Fat Tire Fest in the Alifia River State Park. Alas, the bike will be on display, but not test riding will be done. Liability reasons.
I will post more soon!

Complete Shot
650B Racing Ralph
650B Racing Ralph


Luis Martinez said...

Hey Jeremy,
The new frame looks pretty sweet. Would you mind if I posted a few pics and a description on my blog? Many people have been asking me about the 650b wheel size ever since I announced that I'm working on a conversion.

Let me know

MMcG said...

Gorgeous Jeremy!

What is the HT angle on that frame?

Cracked Headtube said...

Luis, Link AWAY!

MMcG: 72deg, and I may end up with a rigid fork on there at some point.