November 17, 2008

Pricing issue?


We'll try to work on a price guide for your viewing pleasure.

Yes, I PURCHASED these tires to report on them. I bug companies about providing 650B product and once they offer it, I'll do my best to buy it.
2 reasons:
  • To back-up my interest.
  • Provide an informative narrative for the product.
Buying anything could be a risk. A [I]MAJORITY[/I] of MTBR users are men, and with most guys buying techy type stuff as in 650B wheels and components who do their research. I started 650B Palace to report to consumers the movings of 650B. When the Pacenti tires hit I initially bought 2 pair. When the Quasi's came in I was lucky enough to get a proto set for testing and review. I've also purchase more, since. No, I do not buy at retail, but I show my support by buying and testing and reporting. I don't get paid for my post, nor do I sell add space on my blog. I do it for the consumers and to show the industry the potential demand for this product. I pass along results I find because I love this sport and the progession of movers and shakers. Folks willing to push the envelope. Tires are a tough thing to manufacture. There is a lot of tooling involved, and (with everything), prices must be pass along to the end user. The 29er movement was happy to have 1 tire in the beginning. With 650B MTB tires we are sitting with 3 tires CURRENTLY available to the market, only 20 months since Kirk Pacenti debuted this idea at NAHBS 2007. That is some swift moving on the behalf of tire designers and makers. 3 Currenty with 3 more very close to release. 6 total potentially 24 months after the idea hit the (small) mainstream. 3 continents are reporting on this format and, in my opinion, that is HUGE news.
Price is one things but to ask for something, then say I'm not gonna buy because it costs too much is pretty weak. Especialliy when compared wit the 26" or 29" version. Be an educated consumer, and attempt to realize where the money must go for us to have these products.


Unknown said...

I'm with you. I test equipment and components regularly, and I purchase it myself usually in order to give an unbiased report. I also like to support the bicycle industry and the riders by being involved in all things biking. If Schwalbe are good enough to produce a decent 650B tire, then we should show our support.


Anonymous said...

are you running the tires tubeless? thanks