November 19, 2008

Hard to Find?

I fired up this morning and low'n'behold: Pacenti Quasi Moto Tires on the homepage, on sale!

Check out for more info!


Unknown said...

i am super anxious to try some 650b wheels on my 2006 santa cruz heckler. i see no reason why they wouldn't fit in back but what about on the first generation fox vanilla rlc fork? any experience? do i have to use a particular tire to fit in that fork? contact me if you don't mind sharing some wisdom and answering my 650b questions.
roseyscot at hotmail dot com

MMcG said...

Bikeman is a great place to buy from too!! Hooray!

Cracked Headtube said...

How 'bout we keep it hereon the Blog, so other can learn as well. In 2006 the Heckler had it's newer (not newest) rear triangle. Yes, a 650B will fit. Even the (currently) largest Pacenti Neo Moto at 2.3". The travel will need to be limited otherwise at full compression the tire will rub the Front Der's housing stop. Rock Shox limited a Pearl for the folks at Dirt Rag with their "Beckler" experiment. PUSH Industries could probably do something as well.

Check this post from March of 2008. There is a link to Dirt Rag's blog with this test.