March 05, 2008

Quasi-Moto: Revisited

So, I posted images sent to me by Kirk at Pacenti Cycle Design this morning. And alas, this afternoon some Quasi-Motos of my very own showed up at the office. Honestly, the previous images DO NOT do this tire justice. I took it upon myself to photograph Pacenti's next tire to be produced. (I added the 650B Palace address because I've found my images elsewhere, without a photo credit.)
Pacenti Cycles used the same large-volume casing as the successful Neo-Moto, but this time used some less aggressive knobbies. At first I thought the tire was really lacking in the knob department, but now that I have some in-hand, I am impressed.
They seated up nicely onto my Velocity Blunts ( Stan's ZTR355 enroute), just like the Neo-Motos. The weight difference is significant. Hardpack XC riders are going to love this rubber.
Ok, enough, here are the NEW images.

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Anonymous said...

kudos' for the photos!