March 05, 2008


I reported about a week ago about some SUPER SECRET STUFF, well here it is.
Pacenti's QUASI-MOTO XC tire, in 2.0
The tire is intended for hard-pack XC / Enduro racing, but I am sure it will be good for a great variety of trail conditions. These pre-productions are hand made. Production Tires will be a respectable 550g. A nice, light tire for you XC folks!
More image will be up and the tires will probably dirty in those pics. Happy-happy-joy-joy!
Just to note, these are PRE-PRODUCTION, tires are not yet available to the public, yet, just wait for it!!!! They will be up for grabs in July, once the production run has landed!

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Images courtesy of Pacenti Cycle Design,

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Eric Kop-ski said...

I've been anxiously waiting for those to appear...can hardly wait to get some (July...)