April 10, 2010

Trek 650B Conversion: Built.

I've finally finished the Trek 930 conversion. I've given the bike limited saddle time, but it was never intended to be a main bike. I basically tossed it together with a few extra parts, and a few new ones. I am using the Schwalbe Marathon 650x42b tires and they seem a bit on the heavy side. Even when using a MTB cassette on a paved trail the wheels were just heavy to push. The Sun cr18 rims are not a massive rim, and I used aluminum nipples to help with rotating weight. The Marathons are a wire bead and have a thick hide to help fight punctures, so there lies the extra mass. I've been riding mustache-style bars for about 6 years now, so this bike is ever-so comfy. . .
I moved/replaced the canti studs 10mm higher on both the seat stays and the rigid fork. Going with a larger diameter wheel I added a set of fenders that came as original equipment on my Bianchi Castro Valley a few years ago. The Bianchi used 700x28c tires, but these fenders engulfed that tire, and also has no trouble covering the 650x42b.
This bike will receive a bright powder coat job for visibility purposes, at which point to may stay or get sold for face value. I know the rear stays have plenty of room for the Quasi-Moto, but I haven't checked the Fire XC 2.1, ot the Schwalbe 2.25 Racing Ralph (perhaps when I have an extra 10min).
Fun little project. The Trek 930B.


umarth said...

How is the handling? I had a Rockhopper converted to 650b and it was fine offroad, especially with a 26" rear tire. I prefer commuting on 26" slicks though. 650b is a just too slow handling.

MMcG said...

got an update on this set up?

Hope all is well and look forward to seeing the next 650b palace update soon. :)