April 01, 2010

650c, 650b, 700c, now 750c??? Just wait.

The fine folks from Velocity are solving the sizing issue once again and prodiving large road riders with a huge rim in 750C. With the BSD of 700c being 622mm, this new concoction of a wheel will measure 673mm. Old 27" wheels measured 630mm. 750C will be yet another option for tall riders much like 29" was for the MTB scene.
Though this is not news designed for 650B Palace, the theories are clear. Wheel sizes proportionate to the rider. Velocity is testing their ideas in secret laboratories with locked doors and freakishly tall humans.
Great, now I'm going to need a new truing stand....
Read more at the Velocity USA Blog site.


Aaron said...

good one, but not falling for it. :P

Anonymous said...

What is the required rider height for 750c?

Anonymous said...

I am sure it's an April Fool's prank, but if not I'm all for it.

I have designed bikes for guys between 6'9" and 7'2" and I can tell you this would be a big help.

Now who's producing tires...???

Anonymous said...

What about 650A eh?

Glider Cycle

Anonymous said...

Or a 700B (635mm), big brother of 650B, there's lots of bikes with this size wheel and were looking for options