August 16, 2008


2009 will be known for prices hikes across our industry. Expect to seen rubber prices boost the most. Not to specify,but the Pacenti tires are $55 now, but will be forced to be raised to $60 as a recommended retail price. WTB tires and tubes will be on the rise too. So, if at all possible stock up on any deals you may find of your favorite tires. Kenda hasn't released their 27.5 Nevegal yet, but expect to see it at a higher price point compared to the 26" models.
To help things out, Rawland Cycles will continue to sell the Neo-Moto for $50 with free shipping, to help push this platform.
Your favorite components will see the retail price boosts too, so don't get mad at your local bike shop when the new Shimano SLX hits, and it costs more than their anticipated prices, just deal with it.
Interbike is next month and new gear will be shared to the US just after it all debuts at Eurobike.
Watch out here, I've got new 650B goodies to share in the coming weeks. Yes, I have my grubby lil paws on some new product you're bound to love.

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