August 21, 2008

Hot Cakes?

Yep, them Quasi-Motos are selling quick.
Pacenti Cycle Design shipped a batch to distributor Quality Bicycle Products, and well....they have only 3 left. QBP is also out of Neo Motos, but BTI has over 100 instock for the same dealer price.
Sorry retail folks, QBP and BTI only sell to your local bike shops. Most shops place orders once a week, and delivery time from these to large distributors is pretty darn quick. So, take an hour or two and swing by your bike shop, see what's new, and place your order for some Pacenti 27.5ers.

Speaking of QBP and BTI, both are also stocking White Bros 650B Specific forks. So, now most bike shops will have all you need to get you on a 650B wheeled custom bike. Sycip and most other customer builders welcome business from shops! Quit making excuses.

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