July 25, 2008

Holy Crap.

So, it may seem not much has been happening around the industry with 650B in mind, but, boy, are you wrong.
I've gotten word that the Quasi-Moto tires from Pacenti have land in CA and are truck bound to Pacenti Cycle Designs headquaters in Tennessee. Currently, Merry Sales in San Fransisco has a batch of them, so if you LBD has access to order from them, your order awaits!

The Rumor Mill has been turning as well.
  • Kenda is getting closer for delivery on both sizes of their 650B Nevegal.
  • A NEW TIRE is in the works from a totally DIFFERENT Company. Like Pacenti, a smaller company is joining forces to get ya'll rolling on another tread pattern. No, I'm not giving up that secret just yet.
  • More Prototype frames are popping up from smaller companies, but 650BPalace.com hasn't gotten any test sleds yet. (I've been lazy) Keep an eye out.
  • There is an official complete wheelset will be available in 2009, but the company hasn't OK'd me to release images or names, just yet- stay tuned.
  • More 650B conversions have been found and are quickly posted on MTBR as consumers test their 26" steeds.
  • 650BPalace.com WiseCrackers are also available for Seatpost crackn and Headset Spacer crackn. Buy Them.
  • Quasi Motos should be shipping to your front door NEXT WEEK! That is, if your pre-ordered them.

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