July 26, 2008

Death Pop? No, Horror Taxi.

Looks like the folks over at Spooky bikes have been reaping the benefits of the 650B format, what with their sponsored riders begging for just one more ride on the Spooky Darkside, 650B equipped 26" conversion. They have brought in a 650B Purpose built rig.
Taken from The Damned song "Nasty", perhaps an aluminum version will be called the Horror Train, or maybe a group of 650B bikes will be dubbed such.
Click for more info and photos!


Anonymous said...

nice!!!! Price?????

Anonymous said...

$1150 For the frame and King hs only. $2500 as pcitured, but I don't think Spooky offers completes.

Anonymous said...

We offer completes, or I should say, build in box kits, competitively priced to your dealers door. Because we are nice like that!