August 04, 2013

From Left Field - Raleigh Joins the Darkside with 2014 650B Launch.

I had no idea Raleigh was even contemplating entering the 650B market, but alas, they came out swinging.  The line up is men's and women's specific, totaling 8 hardtail including one chromoly frame.  The women's bikes are named Eva.5 while the men's take the ToKul (I'm guessing the pronunciation is "too-cool") title. Pricing starts at $550 and tops off at $1850.  All bikes are equipped with a standard 1 1/8" headtube, nothing tapered.  The women's bikes feature a 100mm travel fork while the guys have 120mm.  The idea behind the Eva series is to be a gateway bike for off-raod trail riding.  4 frame sizes designed for riders ranging from 5' - 6 '.  XS-L.
All of the Raleigh 650B bikes are using a 28mm wide rim to add extra girth to any tire used.  The rim is supplied by Weinmann as the U28 rim.  

Raleigh has jumped into the mix with the mantra of Fit Being Crucial to Having Fun and Being in Control on the Trail.

Meet ToKul and Eva.5:

Check out very soon for the complete 2014 line-up.

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