April 28, 2013

X-Fusion Introduces Sweep 160 650B Dedicated Fork


X-Fusion Shox brings a dedicated 650B fork to market. The Sweep expected to be available in June of 2013, as an early release 2014 product. Their focus on new product explains why I've been waiting for a 1.125 Velvet RL2 with X15 since December.
 The new Sweep will join the ranks with its 34mm brethren 26" Slant and 29" Trace. This model will fill X-Fusion's gap for the Endruo market with the Sweep travel to be internally set from 120-160mm. 
Features include 34mm Stanchions, 46mm 650B Specific Offset, RL2 Dampener, X15 axle, DLA and remote lockout options. Probably to be offered as a Tapered Steer only, but the jury's still out on that.  All around weighing in under 4.5 lbs/2020 grams.   Retail pricing will be around $600


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