February 08, 2012

Magura is Working Hard!

These just popped up, moments ago. I was listed the second "view".
2012 Magura Thor 150 with a 15mm Maxle Lite system!
 With the Pacenti Neo-Moto2.3

With the Schwalbe Racing Ralph 2.25
Magura's got some 'splainin to do!!

More info to follow!


Anonymous said...

Now, what interest me most is the fact is Magura focusing on AM/ Enduro/ kind of forks, so anything above 120mm, or do they have any plans for 100mm forks as well?
Seriously, it looks to me that 90% of the big guys are looking at 650B for above 120mm types of bikes, primarily full suspension.
I somehow have the feeling that the strategy is like:
- 26 for the normal, average bikes (mainly full supension entray-mid level, the rest of the 26 hardtails is focusing more for beginners/ entry level bikes)
- 29er for hard tails primarily, basically replacing 26 totally
- 650B all the way to replace 26 in nearly all full suspension bikes from XC racing to AM/ Enduro/ Downhill

What do you think?

Laurens said...

At the 25th Taipei Cycle Show, Magura has just showed a fork dubbed "TS8 120" for 650b. More on that on www.mtb-news.de this week - keep yer eyes (and minds) open.

650b, the better 29? We'll see, but I think so.

Anonymous said...

Change the wheel size, change the offset -- it made 29ers work, and it will make 650b wheels work too. White Bros figured it out and went with 41-42mm offset. Unfortunately, Magura didn't list the offset in their spec sheet. Anyone know the offset on Magura's 650b offerings?