September 15, 2011

My 650b Bike

I should have done this last night - but it was late and I forgot. Here's my current 650b bike. It is based around a 44 Bikes SnakeDriver frame and currently set up rigid and single speed with a Salsa Cromoto Grande fork up front.

Bike also features some Hone Cranks, and Ragley Carnegie Bars.

Although I'm constantly fiddling and experimenting with different stem/bar combinations with it.

Very versatile bike that just shreds in 650b mode!


DantesDilemma (umassracer) said...

Mark, while hanging in the desert, I wanted to take a few minutes to pass along my congratulations on becoming the new contributor here on "The Palace". IMHO, with Jeremy and yourself (plus several others) standing side by side on the 650b frontline, our beloved wheelsize should continue to flourish
*Your 44 loks to be one sweet ride

Robb/Angus said...

Mark, great to see you add your talents to the palace! I can't wait for some juicy reviews. Angus (from RM & MTBR)

grant zupanc said...

does anyone know if the yeti SB66 will take a 27.5 in wheel? sweet bike man!!! i have a mtcycle rumble i made into a 650b.