November 20, 2010

Taking the BSide to a new level.

I spent the better part of today in the shop working on non-bike projects when I pushed my Soma BSide next to my custom cyclocross bike. I currently have a coverted 650b bike with a mustache bar but none with an off-road dropbar setup. Yeah yeah, this isn't exactly uncharted territoy with 650b, but it is on a personal level. SO. I've decided to drop the BSide and add gears to the rig.
My debate lies with the rim choice. I'll likely be running Quasi-Motos or the Schwalbe RR. BUT. I may toss on the 700d x 2.0 knobby tires I picked up a while back. Otherwise, mech disc brakes, Salsa Bell Lap bars, tektro droplevers for disc, shimano Rd cranks- 105 or Ultegra, 9 speed with bar cons, uletrga deraileurs.
Thoughts, anyone?

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