February 26, 2010


So many folks are looking for a method to adapt 650B wheels to their rim brake 26" MTB frames. Some people have found the FMF V-Brakes to solve their adapter issues. The FMF brakes have additional brake pad adjustment to accommodate the larger rim diameter and brake track. Alas, FMF has discontinued all bicycle componentry just after this realization was made. There are some still floating in the interwebs, it will just take searching! The Paul Moto-Lite v-brakes have a similar solution with extra pad adjustment. Both of these, along with any other linear pull brakes, leave the inner cable crossing the tire VERY close. Physically moving the actual brake posts, AKA canti studs, is a solution I am taking with my Trek project. I cut off the exsisting studs and replaced them 15mm further from the dropout.
It looks as if I was a little over zealous with my torch. Recently released were these nifty little adapters originally intended for BMX bikes. At 11 and 12 bmxers are quickly growing and usually in between sizes. These adapter were designed to allow the use of J/Expert BMX wheels on Pro sized frames. That may be gibberish to some of you, but these will lend themselves nicely for 650B adaptation of 26" rim-braked frames. I'll be order these for resale shortly. Check back very soon!


MMcG said...

Oooh baby! That'll open up all sorts of options!!

Nice find!!

Anonymous said...

I have a project that those would be perfect for. Any idea when you might get some?

frankenbiker said...

Cane Creek Direct Curve 5 and 7 V- Brakes work well, and leave more clearance at the staddle wire due to the anglge that the cable exits the brakes.

Lone Lobo said...

How do these actually get planted on the stays? I'm trying to figure out if they would work on a 27" to 650b conversion. Are there different sizes for different sized stays?

Sean Virnig said...

Hey Jeremy,

Any words on this adapter? Do email me.


CraigB said...

Does this mean I could run 650bs with Magura HS33s on a 27" wheel frame???

Please say yes.......!!

eli k. said...

has anyone actually tried this? i mean using these on a bike with canti studs for 26" wheels? i'd love to try, but they're 40 bucks for one set, plus the cost of new studs ($15?) from danscomp.com, so i'd love to hear some feedback from someone before i order some.

let me know! thanks

Phil Bickford said...

Are these little beauties for sale anywhere?
Has anyone used them yet?

Phil B