October 14, 2008

On Hiatus.

Sorry for the lack of content on 650B Palace, but things are now back and running.

Some news for the readers:
I currently have 2 650B MTB Projects in the mix one Aluminum with kick ass sliders from Ahrens MFG, and one steel geared. I will post images and info as I get closer to the finale. A third possibility is in the works with another manufacturer. Lots of content to come!

The folks over at Soma contacted me before Interbike to get some wheels, which I am currently packing for shipment. Soma's prototype B Side has been put through the ringer and they are in need of a new rear wheel. I haven't seen any images of the production BSides, but rumor has i we all will soon.

I updated my Flickr with some images of Interbike. I didn't get around as much as I had liked, but I did manage a few pictures of 650B gear.

Rawland Cycles gradded #1 of Bike Magazines Top Ten of Interbike 2008! Yahoo! Great Folks there at Rawland! Loads of energy for such a quiet booth! Literally, I got goose-bumbs walking into their booth!

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