May 03, 2008

More Quasi Action and ramblings

So I've had my Quasi Motos for about 2 months now. They've seen pavement, gravel, sand, hard packed trails, and bog. They've seriously proven themselves. I'm not totally sure if it's the tire or 650B wheel size. A few years ago I was riding 29ers which handled the local sand nicely, but I nice liked the feel of the biggest wheel. I digress. The Quasi-Motos.
I have one pair of the tires, and 2 650B (converted) bikes, and 3 set of wheels, so I've kept the Neo-Moto of front and the Quasi on the back. The Neo grabs so nice on corners but I do admit it's weight is a draw back on the rear. I have my Stan's ZTR355 rims laced to American Classic disc hubs with Sapim spokes all built and tires mounted, Tubeless! This is my first personal experience with a tubeless setup. The Quasi is holding air tubeless great. Also, I was able to fit the Quasi-Moto in my Haro Sonix VL120's stock rear swing-arm. I think this tire will open MORE possiblities for 26" conversions.
Speaking of converisons, I also built up a White Industries ENO disc hub on a Velocity Blunt. I have Trek frame I want to put this on, but it has no disc tabs, and the Blunt has no rim area for brakes. Also, I failed to purchase the ENO caliper adapter. (dummy). I plan to Braze some disc tabs onto the Trek ( when I buck up and buy them) , At that point, an old Trek 930, will be a 650B convert too. We'll have to see. Ok, I realize I'm babbling.

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Anonymous said...

Hi Cracked Headtube, and other 650bers

Just letting you know that Pacentis tyres are now available in Australia through . We are also the aussie Dealer for White industries and On One,.

We are just down the road from the Velocity factory and will be working with them and White Industries to provide Aussies with 650b wheelsets with Kirks tyres.

(if this is inapropriate let me know)