April 07, 2008

A Mismatch of Pacenti rubber

This weekend I had some time to hit the trail with a little bit different tire setup. I was running the Neo-Moto up front and the Quasi on the backside.
This is definetly a sweet combo. Nice and grabby on the front, sticky and smooth on the back. I hit very little sand, but the leaf covered trail was not match for this tire config. Zero slippage, great acceleration. The 650B pulls nicely over rough terrain.
I'd highly recommend this setup to be the first setup for folks trying out the format.
My local trails get pretty soupy, so I'm still a bit hesitant with the Quasi up front (even though it DID prove itself in the past). The Neo on the back seems a bit slower and heavier to pull, so the lesser aggresive Quasi really steps up to the plate for the application.
Neo- Front
Quasi- Rear
Left Hand- Thumbs Up
Right Hand- Thumbs Up


Anonymous said...

looks like this:

Anonymous said...

Nice job Drew!

Fwiw, I have been running a 2.3 up front and a 2.1 in back for 11-12 years.