January 23, 2008

The Haro SonixVL120, complete B'r

I swapped out my swing arm on the Sonix to the LT version to allow a Neo-Moto to fit nicely. So, I'm now riding 2, full-fledged 650B bikes. No, not purpose built, but modified well enough to do the trick. I'm really enjoying the Sonix in this formatt. I can tell a significant difference while battling the roots and sand of central Florida trails.
Heres a look.


Anonymous said...

We need in depth ride reports like TNC, derby and Super E give on MTBR!

Anonymous said...

from the sounds of it there isnt clearence in the regular VL120 rear end, is this right?

Cracked Headtube said...

Correct, the standard Sonix VL120 cannot did not fit the Pacenti Neo-Moto. The Long Travel (LT) has a bit longer wheelbase, thus allowing the 650B wheel to fit.