January 21, 2010

Another Rando tire for 650B

Soma, as we all know, has been diggin the 650B format since 2007 when they showed their B-Side Prototype at Interbike. Since then they have brought the B-Side into production and also brought in the Fire XC tire for 650B under the IRD guise. I am happy to help announce Soma's new tire based on the Panaracer Pasela to be offered in a 650x38B.
Pacenti Cycle Design recently introduce their Pari-Moto tire in this same size. So alt wheel fans should have plenty to rejoice about.
Head over to Rene Herse's blog to read more on the new Soma tire.



W said...

I'm waiting for the Mini-moto too.

Anonymous said...

Me too. I sent an e-mail to Pacenti some time ago, and they told me the Mini Moto wouldn't be ready until late 2010 at the earliest. I just hope they keep the project going, because I am sure there's a nice market niche for such a tyre (and because I want a set for myself, of course.